Radiators with integrated connection set

All you could want from a radiator!

The new Thermopanel range represents a new concept in radiators, which has been developed to meet high standards of efficient logistics and modern design; a radiator which is delivered totally complete from the factory, with everything in place. There are no loose parts and there is no need for any extra assembly work. Simply screw up the brackets supplied, hang the radiator and connect to the water pipes from the central heating system. Simple, quick, efficient…and with a new easy-maintenance design as well!

Patented integrated V4 connection set

Of course, we have kept Thermopanel’s unique and valuable characteristics. The new patented V4 connection set is welded inside, concealed behind the body of the radiator, using a method which is completely unique for the industry. There are no visible pipes and you have the complete freedom to install the radiator using either a bottom or side connection. The pre-adjustable valve insert is fitted and you can choose any Macon Control® thermostat.

Side panels and grille included

The new Thermopanel is always supplied with assembled side panels and grille. Together with the radiator’s new body design and the product’s improved, whiter color, this creates a fresh, clean design: a complete easy-maintenance radiator without visible and hard-to-clean pipework or gaps where dust can collect. Simply an attractive, warming Thermopanel.

Packed and ready!

The new Thermopanel has been developed with a focus on logistic perfection. By producing a ready-to-install radiator on a modern production line, this makes the manufacturing, distribution and handling by the merchant more efficient. For the installer, it reduces the time required for installation and the risk of incorrect, faulty or missing small parts is eliminated.

Complete radiator, ready to install!


Thermopanel radiators are supplied complete with side panels, grille and brackets for wall mounting. The brackets are suitable for all types of walls, but it is advisable to check the strength of the wall before installation.

An extra bracket is enclosed with radiators whose length is over 1800 mm (70”). Assembly instructions are supplied in the box. We recommend that the protective packaging be left intact while construction is in progress.


The patented V4 assembly has a bottom and side connection. The valve housing has a pre-assembled Macon insert suitable for a Macon self-contained non-electric thermostat #MTW-28 ( AR-MOD shut-offs connect directly to the built-in V-4 assembly (union x 1/2” female NPT). Each radiator comes with a built-in air vent. Refer to attached brochure for specifics.

Shut-off valves are available as an accessory for Thermopanel.

Dimensioning and technical data

Refer to chart below.

Simple and ideal flexibility - The TP 22-V4 radiator can be fed from either left or right just by turning the radiator around. The front and back are identical. Adjustable floor supports available (optional) Part #PFB-TP22